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English French Information PrésidentThere are literally thousands of FREE trade magazines available by subscription on the Internet and more become available every day. They cover every subject and every angle imaginable. They are also some of the best paying markets in the business. Get Your Money Where Your Trade Is Or Isnt! You dont need to be an expert to get published in trade magazines as long as you are very familiar with what your target magazine is buying. 2000 per article and requests that all material be centered around the law, or practicing the law, but they also buy pieces focused on legal news, current trends, the business of running a practice and technology for lawyers. This leaves room for writers who dont happen to be law experts to find a niche in this publication. Can you write about the newest technology or software that would be appropriate for law office staff?

Water GeizerCan you offer a fresh approach for making a waiting room delay more enjoyable for their clients? Across The Board is a non profit magazine for leaders in business, government and more. 2500 for articles, essays, book excerpts, humor, personal experiences and opinion pieces. They also buy reprints. No expertise needed here! An article focused on the positive philanthropic policies of a fortune 500 company or the uplifting personal story of some one helped by such an organization would be right at home in this venue. Of course, if do have an area of expertise consider exploiting it in the trades too. The American Journalism Review –at 80% freelance written, covers expose, ethical issues and personal experiences. 2000 per piece for 2,000-4,000 words. Online, in the news and real time media focuses all apply. Angela Butera Dickson is a full service, freelance copywriter offering some of the best prices on the web. From articles to brochure copy, ghostwriting to marketing letters, she can help you cultivate a polished, professional business image.

This is why the best way to stay in touch with everything happening throughout the African continent is to follow one of these websites that gather news from most of the countries of interest. Such websites are carefully structured to meet the needs of the every-day user who wants to find out what has happened in his country as well as stay informed about the political situation of the neighboring countries. No matter what country you might be interested in, when you find a dedicated Africa news website, you can rely on the fact that you will always be able to find new information, every time you visit it. Social media has helped people spread the news and those who dedicated their time to gather everything in one places have plenty of materials to present their readers. It is understandable why some people choose not to get involved in politics, but that does not mean that they should not stay informed with what is happening on the political field of their country.

There are certain events and decisions that could make important changes in any person’s life and this is what makes all Africa news websites so popular and, at the same time, such a useful research tool. All African countries are developing and people are eager to stay in touch with the latest improvements, news site just so that they can understand how their lifestyle will be made better. Of course, not all news will be good, but the importance of being able to stay updated remains just as high on the list of priorities of many people. News websites are definitely an excellent way to find out the new events in every African country and never let important changes pass by you. Since much of the information is based on social media, you can count on the fact that these websites are not politically influenced and they are written based on actual facts.

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